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CXT v2
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CXT v2

this is an just an edit

kethin dobson

edit by finlay king

  • Blackwidow
    2016-02-20 16:43
    Are you fucking kidding me! We made that original mod and it's on this site and you little bitch ass mod stealer goes and "edits" it but doesn't put the credits of the original mod makers. GET YOUR LITTLE 12 YEAR OLD ASS OUT OF HERE!
  • Fin


    2016-02-20 21:19
    sorry for not asking i really am sorry i tried to find the original author
  • Theo
    2016-02-20 23:22
    Fin What the fuck!! he made that mod. it took him so long put the fucking credits up dip
  • Butthurt
    2016-02-20 23:23
    Really you would want the credits for such a shitty edit as this one? the damn wheels and axels aren't even connected to the truck. This is a complete garbage edit. Learn to do stuff right and release good mods instead of crap like this.
  • Fin


    2016-02-21 00:50
    it was a simply ma-stack of me asking the wrong person i a sorry i did not mean to still from any one
  • Punisher
    2016-02-21 01:19
    @BLACKWIDOW Once you upload a mod you have absolutely zero control over it. Grow up, get over it. To whoever made this Edit; It looks like a pile of shit! Seriously. The truck looks like its floating above the axles. It looks horrible! Absolutely Horrible.
  • Fin


    2016-02-21 04:41
    this is just the start punisher
  • Josh
    2016-02-22 01:20
    ok why are you guys fighting over a mod that was shit to begin with
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