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Czech Map V2.1
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Czech Map V2.1

As we had already spent Coufy map and it will not be finished so wrote on FB and you can continue the project seems his version of this map.

Map has all the trees of the 3D FS15

Manure is getting the cows poĊ›cieleniu
mod chaff, lime, manure and manure lot of machines to start
On the photos you can see everything.

Coufy and others

  • Misko
    2015-02-02 13:58
    Tractor and a harvester are stuck in the shed.They can`t get out.One warning and two errors in the log file.
  • Ozgamer
    2015-02-03 01:18
    good concept, but bad idea.too many trees and as mentioned above, equipment stuck in the sheds.no working rail or freight yard, you have a rail line, so why not get a working rail yard,
  • Guest
    2015-02-03 03:00
    And another map that is released when not even a full map.. 1/2 done.. when these are not even remotely finished how about putting "beta" in the title so some of us do not waste our time downloading ?
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