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Czysta Mapka GF v1.0
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Czysta Mapka GF v1.0

Hi, As a result, it soon will deliver development earlier decided to give you a map which is already uploaded mod "Door Trigger" and several additional mods. It seems to you today with a clean map with added new "crop", modem manure, chaff modem etc. Map is completely clean, there are only the most necessary things. Now that soon I will give development enough to throw it into the maps and all the doors will no longer work. I give the map because of the huge number of questions in private messages about whether it will be such a map or whether it will be a guide. Apparently it's difficult, but for those who do not know quite complicated.

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  • Hopeful
    2016-03-07 14:30
    Hopefully you got this one working right, your previous maps all seem to go bad after awhile, grass stops working, crops become unplantable, uncultivatable, etc etc
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