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Dampflok v2.0
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Dampflok v2.0

In v2 was the light still bissl directed forward yet to come two axes, and three wagons hanging still there
So boys and girls, the lok I have again taken hergen and slightly reworked to wish,
the lighting has been improved front, back with light sheen, a spline is now to the spline should lie in the middle of the rails, so sitting the lok well the adapted to the train tracks (hab on the LS13 train tracks, since the built in 13ner ) the rate I set at 30 kmh, looks better if only because it is not like a ICE
steam in this sense, so much fun and good
MFG Charly

by Charly_999

  • Jamie
    2016-02-07 04:53 Send message
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    how do I get this to appear in game cuz it is not appearing for me
  • Keegs321
    2016-06-09 01:32 Send message
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    what am i looking at?
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