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B-90 SEEDER ive Found Today and wanted to Share
Biggest Seeder in LS15 of its Kind

Author: Bullethead


  • Bt


    2015-04-02 01:14
    Great mod got my hopes up for planter. But pictures don't look to good
  • Wayne
    2015-04-02 01:34
    I need a planter that big but that is fk up man damm
  • Tabe
    2015-04-02 02:10
    That was hilarious!! I laughed even harder after driving it around for a while!
  • Guest
    2015-04-02 04:04
    I made this mod and it should not have been posted with joe's name on it!!!!!!
  • Guest
    2015-04-02 04:21
    This mod NEEDS to be taken down as I created it and someone else posted here with a different name on it I do not wish to have this mod on this site!! I also want to know who uploaded here, if you run this site please contact me ASAP thank you Bullethead
  • Name
    2015-04-02 11:04
    Just to put everyone straight your mod wasn't posted to this site its done by partners of sites so it Started on AEM then there partners posted it and so on but somewhere along the line your names changed to Joes name means hes a well hated guy by the stunt he pulled earlier leading the public on then no release , and while at it you need to inform AEM it was your stunt as some blameless lad has been restricted on the site because of you bullethead
  • Azraelit
    2015-04-02 11:43
    It´s verry funny, thanks ma´am
  • Guest
    2015-04-02 14:46
    Yeah AEM is well aware if the Situation as I am from that site. Do not call him a blameless lad he knew what he was doing by putting Joe's name on there, I talked to Joe about this. I still want this taken down or to have the Original link to replace yours.
  • Confused
    2015-04-02 16:21
    I just do not understand why ANYONE would admit to this mod being theres in the 1st place.. let alone argue over it being posted. If I made this and someone else uploaded it I would stfu and let them look like an idiot.. not admit that it was my mod ! lol
  • Doesnt wanna be named
    2015-04-02 23:30
    even is joe l sees it he still wont give it out maybe in the future
  • Xxxx
    2015-04-04 11:05
    bullshit bullshit fake
  • Xxxx
    2015-04-04 11:07
    Players we have people who feed the world and game makers and they make fun of us ugh
  • Country
    2015-04-05 15:53
    really mod makers like that should be banned this is a real mod site no a jacka** site will someone make the real thing and new idaho map and some disk and cat john deere
  • Name
    2015-04-06 00:45
    why would you ever make a mod like this?!? i was so happy to see my favorite seeder in game then this shit show of a prank!? horrible
  • Cade
    2015-04-06 04:16
    good on you it is cool
  • Name
    2015-04-06 04:38
    Seriously?! Not even funny! A chicken that continue plays a sound that doesn't sound like a chicken and has black smoke come out of its b*tt?!
  • Scott
    2015-04-06 21:41
    goes to show that some mod sites will post any mods on their sites without doing any testing or regarding any notice not to upload it to other sites...
  • Videogamescanada
    2015-04-12 02:07
    best mod ever gold standered
  • Swaggerdu47
    2015-04-12 11:53
    Nice joke this mod, but we need a really seeder of this size and not a chicken!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nomee
    2015-04-24 19:57
    someone sends a correct link because all sites are appearing chicken bakes
  • Jason
    2015-05-11 01:11
    pissed off really wanted a big seeder . JERK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jason
    2015-05-11 01:16
    A$$ WIPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Danas
    2015-08-04 02:20
  • Ryan
    2015-12-01 00:15
    ive downloaded it and dont do it its bullshit
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