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Decorative cushion vehicles v1.0
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Decorative cushion vehicles v1.0

I once my current favorite map "LS 11 Maps" for LS15, of Deere8400 pimped.
As decoration I have created 3 self-propelled hovercraft. This drive over water and land, even over a bridge.
I you would like to share this.
You must be imported using the GE into the map.
For instructions, there are many!
In my zip file you will find three i3d files that you must import your with GE in the i3d the map, whim one, two or all three (Luki1, Luki2 and Luki3).
The splines are specially adapted for this map! On other maps other splines would be required!
The vehicles have:
2 occupants
1 flashing light
1 spotlights at night
Original sound of an air cushion vehicle similar design

They work in V1.0 and V1.1 of the above map.
I wish you much fun
If you want to use and publish one of the vehicles in his map, should inform me of niceness via PM!

Leider kann ich keine Modder feststellen, die z.B. die Beifahrerin erstellt haben. Sollte jemand sein geistiges Eigentum hier finden, bitte melden!

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