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Deutz 5120 TTV v1.0
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Deutz 5120 TTV v1.0

Hi there,
by chance I recently came across a model of a Deutz 5120 TTV. This is an update to the original Hürlimann XM 130. Since I liked the idea, but the implementation was not my case, I have revised the tractor again. I am aware that this is NOT a full replica of the 5120 TTV. It is a umgeskinntes original vehicle, but the model is very close. That's why I call it as Deutz 5120 TTV prototype!
Among the features: I personally feel conspicuous mods in the game rather disturbing. Therefore, the mod is kept simple and bearing only the known standard functions, say, horn, turn signals, washable, glamor, lights, etc. My goal is not to set new standards in scripting. Those who can not do without special tools, which will probably not be happy with this tractor.
All others I hope you enjoy plow!

Disclaimer: This is a modified original vehicle. It is therefore in principle all free to veränden the model as desired and re-upload.
Credits: faerdi, agroforestry, GIANTS Software

faerdi, AgrarForst, GIANTS Software

  • Daniel
    2015-01-15 20:56
    please edit the taillights of this mod as in mod deutz 5150, will be top .. !!
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