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Deutz F1M414 Crawler v1.0
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Deutz F1M414 Crawler v1.0

Hello everyone

Here I have for you from the converted (by me) version of Deutz F1M414  

What have I done?
First, how to recognize immediately the small rear has a tracked undercarriage (more about that below)
new front tire I found a duty
I have the low attacher (attached tion as example below ball head) moved down (was too high, I found)
the logo from  
I removed because I prop. to made ??it just for me have
yes that's it

Why, the tracks?
I have seen a few a few deutz, who owned a crawler chassis.
because something like this does not exist for the ls 15, I thought I build it because of the New Holland T8.
I personally am satisfied with my work;)

I thank  
for the very successful basic model and for which he makes it to dispose

Visit his Facebook page: buzzard.agrotech
as well as my: LS conversions by Pegas
I hope you can do something with the little;)


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