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Deutz Fahr 7250 Forest Queen v2.0 Bundle
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Deutz Fahr 7250 Forest Queen v2.0 Bundle

Deutz Fahr 7250 Forest Queen
Caution PINK PURPLE ... and if you know any fun or you have no use for the color pink or purple this one is definitely NOT your mod! Consequently loading this mod only if you agree with the above can you.
===> .zip UNZIP / EXTRACT <===
Technical data:
Loader: Can Original LS15 front loaders use but I empfhele the edited from the download!
Weight: 20t
Speed: Max. 47km / h.
Engine: 430PS at Max 2400RMP.
Engine brake: Has reinforced.
Fender: Were removed the front.
Lighting: LS15 Standart - V / H / A / inside

Price: 344200
Upkeep: 284
About radiation: - cubemapRough.dds - has been revised.
Tires: The tires were adjusted to the maximum of the real for this vehicle are available!

Color choice on wheels: Stadartfarbe is that of the original / The color choice was inserted in order to multiplayer as we on our server a "this is my Deutz" have a problem! Who do not like colorful rims they can to default.
Single Player Log: No error
Multiplayer Log: It can be used on the server to entries! This is the same error can also cause LS15 standard vehicles! Beipsiel: Front / Loader - Attacher / Clip etc.

Law and Order:
The rights of the model lie solely with the Publisher! We have to be modified only gedultete guests with the permission game content! Want for suggestions and may not have occurred to me uo error indications I am always offen.Wer a problem with the mod Report this can be happy but please do LOG-mail. Comments like: it feels like me or there's thing happened son => unfortunately are not helpful ... this mod edit want the event you merely asked to refer to the original version of fairness. For pencil: => Copyright by publisher / ModV.1 by MeNotU. [LINK] If you want to make a video for the mod, please link via PM or set here :) and in this sense a lot of fun with the mod ^^

This is NOT a Acarde mod! All factors of the laws of nature were observed! The vehicle may tip / by centrifugal forces from the curve drifts / loader that affects engine performance!


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