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Deutz Fahr 7250 NOS Hardcore v1.0 Limited Edition
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Deutz Fahr 7250 NOS Hardcore v1.0 Limited Edition

Hello MH Community and LS gamers
I have asked my Deutz available.
This Deutz Fahr I've done in my imagination, so he is realistic in the field to use.
I did a lot of testing in the field in hills in the road and in narrow gaps.
He was from the game removed or converted and Adapted from my dream,
Unfortunately, he is only 62-game KM / H, which is too slow for me, so I have increased more than 100 km / h.
Lights were exchanged Red
Various changes in Interneur
Glazing was dyed black so that not so much pure, the sun shines.
And an airbrush missed him.
Many thanks to my best buddy and my brother for your help
In the V2 the Karroserie created in Carbon, and if you like I can also speed over 600 km / h Setting (brakes with it will be Kake)
Wems not like or Feeble-Minded is the custom it not downloading
The green Lizard syncer (picture) I can if you like here make available, which I've made ??the traffic rausgenommen and converts so that he can be moved.

Corsa D Fahrer

  • Fail
    2015-05-28 00:36
    Just.. fail
  • Childplease
    2015-05-28 03:17
    Ya everyone should have TRACTORS that go 70+ miles per hour. Like the person above said FAIL and not only fail because of a junk mod, but also a fail at brain power.
  • Jason
    2015-08-06 04:15
    i like the mod if you do not like it do not down load. how many mods have you made moron. your comments and user name show you are a brainless moron
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