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Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Dual Wheel WIth Front Loader V1
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Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Dual Wheel WIth Front Loader V1

Here Is My Deutz 7250 TTV Dual rear Wheel With Front Loader I Had Been Wanting one But
Seems like everyone mods duals front and rear and are removable bull my rear wheels are permanant unless ge is used
and has tracks for all wheels Then I wanted to Do The Front loader Matching the Deutz green. That I Have not seen
done yet for the Deutz so I did that and desided to go a little farther and add some Attachments color matched 
so I did The Rear Weights Are just Simulated weights in wheels

Things I Done To The Mod
Added Dual Rear Wheels
Added Rear Simulated Weights
Added Front Loader & Textured to match
Changed The Red Inside The Stoll Logo To Black
Changed the red stoll text on Equipment to black
Deutz Green Textured all Attachments In This Pack
Removed Front 3 Point Hitch Even Folded Up I could not mount FL Mount far enough back where it needed to be
without hitting the arms folded up so they went away  


Things It Had Already
Onboard Led Scale
All Interior Panels Light up with lights
when it gets dirty foot prints shows up in floor board

Whats In Pack
The Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV
Deutz Front Loader & NH loader I didnt do anything with it just figured I would go ahead and leave it in there
Two Shovels One Default Sized And Larger one with cap 3,000L
all default attachments that can be purchased for loader
Log Fork Duo
Lumber Pallet Grabber
15.5 meter Cultivator

There is 4 zip file Inside main file all are ready to place in mods folder once main folder has been unzipped

 Have Fun with it I have Making It Now Time To find another

Tractor: Giants Software, STv-Modding
Cultivator: mio
Front Loader: Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie
wheels & Texture mod: Thawk09
IF You See Something that You Done I past On this Mod And You Was Not Mentioned sorry I Can Only Post What credit was given by the one I downloaded but great work

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