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Deutz Fahr 7250FL v3.0 Frontlader
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Deutz Fahr 7250FL v3.0 Frontlader

Basic DF7250
Weight: 14t
Topspeed: It's a bit slower as the original max. (55kph)/(34mph)
Engnine: About 290HP at 2800RMP
Can use original FS15 front loader.
A bit stronger engine brake.
Removed front fender.
Custom color for Tires because multiplayer.
Price: 264200
A Day: 234
Log: Singleplayer clean.
Server: Same warnings as some original vehicle's, like: Wheel Loader or T6 and so on. To fix it contact pls. contact the Publisher.

Urheber: Ist der Publischer der Software und kein Moder.
Original aus FS15 7250 Umbau zwecks Forst / Frontlader etc.
Moder: MeNotU (der Name sollte unmissverständlich sein, oder?)

  • Guest
    2015-01-17 19:29
    Nice Tractor. Shows dirt properly. I like that the wheels color can be changed. The standard FS15 Front Loader works fine. The included front loader costs more and does not have as high a range of motion as the FS15 Standard Front Loader attachment. The included front loader attachment can not clear the side of the Fleigl Timber Runner unless on level ground, and then it barely clears it. Everything else is Great!
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