Farming simulator 2019 mods
Deutz Fahr 7250TTV Warrior v5.0 Wheel Shader
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Deutz Fahr 7250TTV Warrior v5.0 Wheel Shader

Version 5.0 Wheel Shader
Wheel Shader
New Tires Michelin AxioBib
Various Fix
Full Animated
Full IC open bonnet

Deutz-Fahr TTV7250 Warrior 4.0 Final:
Full Animated
IMonitor 2.0 Boot and Settings Animations
Mirrors Setting
Fixed Some Meshes
Front Axle Animated
IC Control V4 by Mogli
New Real Sounds/Interior/Exterior
New GPS System
New Bonnet
New Grill
New LED Lights
Selection of wheels (Michelin MachXBib/Continental SVT)
Air Pressure Wheel System and more...
powered by STv-Modding (Gaming Evolved),LS Modding,Mogli (Scripts),RivalBomb (Scripts)


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