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Deutz Texturen Serie 5 v1.0
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Deutz Texturen Serie 5 v1.0

Since I've found several times on various foreign Modseiten in the last days of my Deutz-Fahr 5120 TTV skin, released from all kinds of people without any releases, I present you here ready to skin. For this I give skin towards a general release, ie anyone can use it in his mod and ask for dl. However, I ask for an N ennung in the credits.

Info for tractor:
The tractor has 120 HP in Real Life, and is best known as Hoftraktor in use.

To install it laded you the standard Hürlimann XM4 as a mod, unzip it, the Deutz copied textures and replaces them in the folder Hürlimann - Finish the Hürlimann as a mod there, for example here -.> http://www.farming-simulator.com /mod.php?lang=de&mod_id=7736&title=fs2015

Made by agroforestry


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