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DHP v1.0
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DHP v1.0

After a short break seems new models.
This is a package of halls, which lies on the disk and a chicken. I thought it might be useful to you because it seems.
The models are quite detailed, in-game look very nice.

- Texture in the DDS format.
- Models have AO
- The package contains three versions of the halls.
- After unpacking packages in the "placeable" We have three versions halls to the FS 13 and FS 15, which is enough to throw the MODS. We buy and put on the map where we want.
- In the folder "GIANTS EDITOR" models halls are to be set on Map search using GE (Giants Editor)
- Models in the "GIANTS EDITOR can be fired using the new and old versions GE
- After downloading the package Unpack it and read the file "Read"
- Clipdistance (That is, how far away we see the model is at your disposal. It is set at 100,000,
- Models do not have errors,
- LOG versions placeable is clean!
- Models Version PLACEALBE operate in MP!

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
Konwert / AO: GoldFox
Graphics: Pioneer620
Help: SIID
Photos: Nowik
Many thanks to the Pioneer for the execution graphics!

- Prohibition change the link!
- If you wynosisz to other forum copy everything
- Prohibition of editing!
- Please download the original link!
- I respect your ban you honor the mine, and these and other mods and models will be even more!
- The more downloads from the original link, the greater motivation for me, and faster release of the next pack!


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