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Dienstwagen RUL v1.2
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Dienstwagen RUL v1.2

Hello Dear LS 15 friends and MitModder.
Here I point you my newest Rundumleuchte ago.
For Experienced Modder is Very Good Good.
What's so good to ModPack.
This is a "company car LED flashing beacon" is the Auserd to do ausehen very very Cute on vehicles.
So they built Carefully to euchte Multiplayer vehicles and Ensures Cool ausehen and be the hero of the night: D

This mod is read-only
I say it only once, Umgestallten or deform the mod is PROHIBITED.
Nothing will turn changed or something.
So and now much einbaun Spas in. : P
Greetings your: Rayn

Modell: [D-A]Rayn Chef
Textur: [D-A]Rayn Chef
Script: [D-A]Rayn Chef
Idee / Konzept: [D-A]Rayn Chef
Tester: [D-A]Rayn Chef
Sonstige: [D-A]Rayn Chef

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