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Disc 630 V1.0
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Disc 630 V1.0

JD disc 630

Author: Everyone


  • Reaper9111
    2015-06-30 07:51
    You never ask permission to release my personal edit of that disc... all you did was to add crappy roller behind it... The new textures, new decals and 3d details are all mine...You've lost my respect punk !You could at least name it's original author, WestMorgan & Others that are still in the mod Description !
  • Name
    2015-06-30 20:01
  • Name
    2015-06-30 20:03
    Awesome mod. Thanks for the upload. Glad to see the FS community sharing now days instead of all being..."PRIVATE"...
  • Name
    2015-07-01 02:10
    this thing has call stack errors
  • Dph


    2015-07-23 14:02
    This is MY original model, and NO ONE has Permission to release it, I don't give a damn just how much you guys edit it to look like your own!
  •  mb
    2016-06-17 17:57
    Yeah is a great mod to whoever ORIGINALLY made it, not to whoever stole it.
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