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Distant Hills v1.0
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Distant Hills v1.0

Hi LS community, today I have for you DISTANT HILLS.
In maps with the same size as the standard Björnholm the ZIP must only be extracted in the maps directory and I3d that you want to have to be imported. Then everything should already be done. In other Mapgrössen you have to scale the entire accordingly.
Do not be surprised if it opens the I3d of the mod in the GE you will not see anything, this is due to the size. The panorama is made so that it goes around the map and a seamless panorama results.
Credits: Mod name: DistantHillsAutoren: Schwaki [112TEC] Date: 02/12/2014
For me, the log is error-free!
Look at the pictures say more than 1000 words.
Have fun with it!
1. Publication only with original download link. NOT a substitute Link
2. No publication Neutexturierung, model change or parts of the mods.
Releases I reserve on request.

Modname: Distant Hills
Autoren: 112TEC|schwaki
Datum: 12/2014
Eigenbau 112TEC|schwaki
Keine neue Veröffentlichung ohne die Zustimmung von 112TEC|schwaki.

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