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Dodge ram 2500 v1.1
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Dodge ram 2500 v1.1

This is the dodge ram 2500 originaly made by TimberWolf12455
It had power issues and I went in and fixed them
It needs to be fixed so thath it works in MP let me know if u can fix it

Giants, Edit: by TimberWolf12455,Silentelk69778

  • Name
    2015-02-04 19:46
    nice job
  • Farmer
    2015-02-05 00:04
    Very nice truck but it slides around like its on a ice!
  • Guest
    2015-03-11 20:18
    This truck is great, this plus the other version(black smokes from exhaust) I modified springs on the rear and made some minor adjustments and hauls better won't slide. I have used this truck and the other version for hours, jumping off cliffs, hauling ridiculous loads or at least trying to and have had no issues. Excellent mod, sounds awesome and this with the other truck are my main vehicles in the game.
  • Pat


    2015-03-30 23:01
    where are people getting these trailers from?? I want it but cant find them anywhere
  • Jasboy123
    2015-11-02 02:31
    make like the front has a wich on the front
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