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Dodge RAM srt10 Viper v1.0
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Dodge RAM srt10 Viper v1.0

This is my RAM SRT10 TUNNING , this mod is full of details , has excited sport brakes , unique wheels, nitrous oxide bottles installed and nitro effect coming out of the exhaust, I worked hard in this mod for a week. PS : When editing save my credits.

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  • Kp


    2016-05-07 02:45
    I haven't used it yet. I can't wait to. I wish there was a ford f150 lightning.
  • To everyone
    2016-05-07 04:30
    josh Dunn the fat guy that everyone hates his website http://fsasmc.com/..well he has been stealing privet mods from others..he will go in the messages and look at peoples messaging and see a privet mod and he will download it with out anyone knowing so he is stealing mods from others and keeping them to his self
  • Tanner
    2016-05-08 05:49
    Broken file when extracting
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