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Dodge Sec Gen v1
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Dodge Sec Gen v1

It's my edit of ATF modding truck I don't take credit of the truck hope you like it
​Parts are from Rambow145,
Rims from Duramax nation Moding

ATF modding designing

  • Blackhawk
    2016-06-26 13:08
    Nice truck. Where can i find that Wilson Trailer? Thanks.
  • Bobcatt650
    2016-06-26 22:25
    American eagle modding
  • Zzzzz
    2016-06-27 05:44
    not a bad looking truck, I love the flatbed which is why I got this one, I'll be editing it for my own likings a bit by lowering it back down to stock ride height & replacing the rims with stock dodge rims (single rear wheel rims) & try to add a load lock on the bed. but sweet truck all in all, the interior is the nicest detailed of all the Dodge trucks I have seen for FS15 so far,
  • Blackhawk
    2016-06-27 19:27
    Thanks Bobcat
  • Blackhawk
    2016-06-28 02:34
    Bobcat i searched American eagle modding but i only see the 2013 Wilson Cattle Trailer. Tried to convert it but it doesn't show up in the latest Giants Editor. Can you upload it for downloading or send me the link? Thanks.
  • Bobcatt650
    2016-06-28 07:23
  • Blackhawk
    2016-06-28 13:35
    Thanks Bobcat. I really appreciate it.
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