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Dodge Sec gen work truck
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Dodge Sec gen work truck

It's my edit of ATF modding truck i don't take creadit of the truck hope you like it
Part are from Rambow145

ATF modding designing

  • @ atf
    2016-07-26 11:51
    ATF modding is a joke all they do is take mods from other games such as 18 wheels of steel and convert them for FS. LMFAO They are not real modders.
  • @whoeverpostedcomment
    2016-07-28 08:19
    Instead of being a pussy why dont you come to one of us and say something stupid... you must be one of the guys that release sketchup models with no textures what so ever! Im sure you have downloaded everything we have made.... People like you is the problem with the community think your something with your pea brain... have a nice day douchebag!
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