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Dodge W350 Dually Flatbed v2.0
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Dodge W350 Dually Flatbed v2.0

Hi guys! Well today i figured i would go ahead and release an update for My Dodge D250! ENJOY!

Duramax_Nation modder

  • Ervingamez 01
    2016-06-20 09:15
    will u be posting a vid on this truck ???
  • Nice job
    2016-06-20 14:46
    Nice job, thanks for sharing this free mod....
  • Zzzzz
    2016-06-22 01:26
    sweet truck, will there be a V3 with a working winch & no side boards on the bed.
  • Wut


    2016-06-22 17:59
    WTF is this? This is so fucking ugly. Will there be a version that isnt glossy as hell and has real work tires/wheels and not those goddamn ghetto wheels?
  • Bearkid
    2016-10-04 22:57
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