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Dodge D250 Flatbed Dually V1.0
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Dodge D250 Flatbed Dually V1.0

Hello Everybody. This is Duramax_Nation modder releaseing this not some yuppy kids! Hope Ya'll enjoy.

Duramax_Nation modder

  • Dominic
    2016-06-01 23:49
    it is you i thought it was another one of those jackass kids who steal people's mods
  • Duramax
    2016-06-01 23:54
    LOL, Thats why i put that.
  • Merc
    2016-06-02 00:20
    Terrible mod, it freezes up my game, and it lags up on singleplayer! It has a virus in the folder! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
  • Duramax
    2016-06-02 00:21
    Thats a good lie... LMAO. 3 Year olds these days.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-06-02 03:18
    sweet long truck, so is there a virus in it or not, if not ill use it FS15, would it be ok if I used the flatbed & side boards on another FS15 truck.
  • Duramax
    2016-06-02 03:59
    PFFFFFFFF Ok yall.
  • Gingerhulk
    2016-06-02 04:04
    nice truck
  • Duramax
    2016-06-02 04:13
    Who you talking to LMAO?
  • Hey cry bitches
    2016-06-02 04:46
    if u want sympathy look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis
  • You ppl cant mod
    2016-06-02 05:09
    more junk, why you idiots keep uploading junk. have some pride in ur work for christ sakes
  • Duramax
    2016-06-02 05:35
    If you all think this is stolen its not. :) And Dyaln and blake just stop...
  • Punkadylan
    2016-06-02 06:21
    I was at work
  • Duramax
    2016-06-02 15:26
    Only if a 19 year old can spell.
  • Punkadylan
    2016-06-02 21:02
    that last comment was not from me
  • Punkadylan
    2016-06-02 23:24
    kidding, it was totally me
  • Josh rapes kids
    2016-06-03 22:11
    im jdunn and i steal money and mods and love to live off the goverment here is my ts and i also beat my kids with a bat
  • Me


    2016-07-09 06:04
    Caleb's ketchup junk
  • Duramax
    2016-07-25 09:32
    Spell my name right new time retard...
  • Karsonm
    2016-11-05 02:37
    Nice truck, where did u get the trailer with the hay on it?
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