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Doll Langholz Trailer v0.9 Beta
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Doll Langholz Trailer v0.9 Beta

Moin her malingerers,
today I imagine you before our Doll Langholz Trailer Version 0.9 Beta.
It is modeled on a trailer of the company Doll.

This trailer consists of a tubular steel frame, making it very stable.
He was one of us built around tree trunks to transportien with a length of up to 15 meters.
For use in the forest, he has received a forest-green paint and a green indicator.

Data for Trailer:
Cost: € 19 500
Maintenance: € 57 per day
Loads: tree trunks up to 15 meters
Belgium: Available
Washable: Yes
Multiplayer capability: Yes
Now we wish you much fun.

Urmodder und Der ganze rest: Micha ( ich ) und MTL Modding Team

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