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Doll Special Low Loader Trailer v1.0
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Doll Special Low Loader Trailer v1.0

Price: 45.000 €
Daily cost: 0 €
Special: 4 co-steering axles, Blitzer, RUL, LS installed standards, originals and approved logos, German approval, Attacher for vehicles on wood Platform.
Type: 2-piece loader

Doll Fahrzeugbau für die Freigabe für den Nachbau und die Logos
Modbauer = Micha04668 und MTL Modding Team

  • MÖchtegernbauer
    2015-06-25 21:32 Send message
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    ,,,,, BIG SCRAP ,,,,, UGLY SHIT ,,,,,
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-06-25 21:44 Send message
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    this mod have error... and when i buy the mod lock the game -.-"big shit
  • Bubba90827
    2015-08-27 07:44 Send message
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    Great Trailer just cant make a sharp turn or it will erupt into the air. Great for large unit transportation
  • Sweet250
    2015-11-02 03:01 Send message
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    The trailer is great, but it needs a rig to pull it with good turning, and clearance in the rear end, maybe some one can create the right truck for this. Also I would rethink the connection units on the trailer, maybe making it a seperate unit to the attachment unit. I'm guessing at this point it has to do with the lengh of the neck with the kingpin.
  • Grizzlyman
    2017-07-06 08:04 Send message
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    could you make this for fs17?
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