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Dondiego Map Reloadet v5.3
5 9 0 1992

Dondiego Map Reloadet v5.3

Hi, this is my converted map of Ls11 for LS15.

It is a 4-fold, multifruit map.

Version 5.3
v5.3 Probleme mit Mistband bei Rindermast behoben Verkauftrigger auf Tankstelen funktioniert jetzt Mistband bei Hühnermast eingebaut

Fixed problems with milk trigger.
Trigger angepast in composting.

That's new download for v5.1 but without MapBuyableObjects.zip in modpack

Problems with fattening farms and mill.

Purchasable objects
Two new outlet-Edeka, hardware store
Economic cycle:
Muehl set
Sewage treatment plant
Water Station
Greenhouses (pallet with vegetables at Edeka sell)
New Hoftankstelle
Sawmill (wooden boards at the hardware store to sell).
Hof rebuilt
Composting to another place
All trees replaced texture (thanks for DaBäda Tutorial)
In garden centers no longer slurry / manure sale

New warehouse at the court with multitriger.
Built compost storage on the farm.
Increased compost bins
Small bug fixed (fountain at the yard is visible again)

New point of sale sugar factory
BGA unloading rebuilt
Small changes in the yard

Standard Fruit + rye, oats, sunflowers, spelled, millet, poppy seeds and alfalfa (green manure mod)
Pig and cattle fattening
GülleMistKalk Mod with lime silo on the farm
Feed storage with conveyors
Mixing station
Garden Center with slurry / manure Purchase
Straw purchase the circus
Slurry and manure storage
Display Overview
AI traffic: cars and pedestrians

Required Mods:
-UniversalProcessKit V 0.9.8
-ChoppedStraw Mod
-Gründünger Mod
-GülleMistKalk Mod
-MultiFruit Mod (multifruit module for this map attached in modpack)

Recommended Mods:
-MultiOverlay Hud Mod

All fields are contains fertilizer
There must be a new Score are started!
I wish you much fun

webalizer:chopped Straw
Marhu:Schweine , Rinder ,Hühnermast, GülleMistKalk mod, Water mod, Sägewerk, MilktruckTrigger
biface:futterlager mit schilde( v3.0 v4.0)
Farmer_Andy: Kompostieranlage, Güllelager, Gewächshaus-Salat
El Cid:zuckerfabrik
-- --
LS15: Nils23
Numbershader: Giants/weisser
Anpassung: Giants/weisser
Holz Textur (Vorschlag): lappyBauer/dtmaster
chtiseb:Lager module(v4.5 v5.0)
San_Andreas:Baumarkt, Edeka, Gewächshäuser-Tomate, Blumenkohl, Weisskohl
Kastor:Wirtschaftskreislauf ÖL
Yellofoxx:Texturenpack für Kastors Hoftankstellenpack
VAHA:Mills set, Bakery
Pucksta:Klärwerk, Milchwerk

  • Shadowr434
    2015-10-04 23:55
    Several required mods that aren't available anywhere. How are you suppose to use this?
  • Sasa97
    2015-10-05 15:30
    map does not work
  • Bergmann
    2015-10-05 16:32
    When i download all the mods required and go ingame there is a fence around the Farm but apparently my "MapBuyableObject" doesnt work so i cant remove the fence.
  • Acidburn
    2015-10-06 01:26
    only mod i cant get to work is "mapbuyableobject" says mine is invalid
  • Deafgamer
    2016-01-21 11:46
    Is there an English version? Or can you make a separate map with English only as a download?
  • Deafgamer
    2016-01-28 09:17
    Anyone know what the required ingredients is for the beer factory and what mod I need to collect the beers?
  • Deafgamer
    2016-01-29 01:38
    It's not taking water for the garden houses, it's broken. Did you bother to test it before releasing this map version???
  • Deafgamer
    2016-01-29 03:05
    Gates won't open at the bread factory, I have the animationmaptrigger mod installed. What version does it need?
  • Deafgamer
    2016-01-29 04:29
    You should be including ALL of the required mods into your zip file. Don't assume anyone can figure out what everyone needs. The mapbuyableobject is not working to open the gates in all factories when the option is chosen to be skipped. Please include all working mods for the map in your zip file next time and if any mod is updated, replace it.
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