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Doospel LS15 v2.0
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Doospel LS15 v2.0

Here's for everyone Doospel_LS15
Doospel LS15 is a fictive map, four times larger than a normal map.
Beginning as a cottier on a small farm and try to become a gentleman farmer on a large farm where you have to buy everything.
Because the map is so big, it is advisable to use  Courseplay.

Volg ons:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikemoddingls
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeModding

What can you find in this map;
1) WaterMod;
2) WoolPaletteCollector;
3) Extensive farm with plenty of room for everything;
4) large BGA (suitable to expand with the complexBGAmod
5) Garden center to buy trees and sell manure (Gülle Mist Verkauf v 3.0)
6) SchweineMast v 5.0.0
7) buyable objects v3.3
8) Oil Company v2.1
9) Raffinerie v2.1
10) Farm
11) Shop
12) Port
13) Storage for your crops
14) Sawmill for loggs and Woodchip burner
15) Forestry activity
16) and many more
17) Oat Sunflower
18) slaughterhouse
19) and many more

Required mods;    have been added in the download
Note, the zip file downloaded needs to be extracted, because the needed mods are in the file.



Fliegl Animal Transport Pack
Oil Trailer by Kastor
Kotte Garant SlurryTanker
This mod need to be unpack and only put the kotte_Garant_SlurryTanker in the mod folder. It has been modified for sale of liquid manure.
krampeSB3063 v 1.0
this is for the sale of manure.

The above mods can be exchanged with your preference mods.

Log is 100% Clean
MP Ready ?

I want to thank all the modders for using there buildings or objects and textures.

The map shall not, without the consent of the Modders to find are not changed at NLD-Farmers.nl and not re-uploaded !
The map can be release on other sites , but please only using the original download – Links !

Die Karte darf nicht ohne die Zustimmung der Modder zu finden sind nicht bei NLD-Farmers.nl geändert und nicht erneut hochgeladen!
Die Karte kann auf anderen Seiten zu lösen, aber bitte nur mit dem Original-Download - Links!

Map by: Spin1 from Mike-Modding
Gülle Mist Verkauf: ( zatoxx )
Strassen Baukasten v 1.0 ( atze1978 )
WaterMod v3.1.5: ( Marhu )
Öl_Company v2.1, Raffinerie v2.1 ( Kastor )
SchweineMast v 5.0.0: ( Marhu )
Hallen Pack v 1.0 ( Dutch Agricultural Modelling)
BuyableObject v3.3 ( Desperados93 for the layouts and Niggels939 for HotspotIcon )

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    2016-02-20 19:29
    everytime i try to down load it it says cannot find it or error comes up
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