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Drive control v3.91
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Drive control v3.91

Fix Fruitdestruction-Modul Neues Modul: SoftGas

The drive control-mod expands the LS modular many small features such as manual starting of the engine reverser and several limiter.
The mod consists of modules that can be individually switched on and off. Why? I honestly had no desire for any small additional feature that comes to mind as to create an extra mod. Müllt you only the mods folder and give me the support unnecessarily confusing. Therefore, it is with the drive control shall have a "master Mod", which will be extended from time to time with additional modules.
As far as the modules need ads are these bottom right of the speed of HUD LS15. So as little additional HUD slag.
When you first start the mod puts a driveControl_config.xml file in LS15 main directory (where the log.txt is located) to. In this file, the individual modules on and off as desired.
Of course it is invariably remap the key bindings.

Skript: upsidedown
Artwork: eribus
Betatester: Slomo

  • Djaleel
    2016-01-04 20:20
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    Good workI like this mod but l've a question.Why the grass is not destroyed when driving above?. Sorry for my English. google traduction
  • Meetas
    2016-09-20 16:57
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    Authors,please add this mod to the official website of mods FS15: http://www.farming-simulator.com/mods.php?lang=en&country=us
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