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DtP Map v1.5.0
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DtP Map v1.5.0

Dtp Map is based on the standard map, and is constantly being expanded
NOTE You must have the AnimationMapTrigger in your modfolder.
Download: AnimationMapTrigger.zip  

Version 1.4.2
Adapted feed stores
Wassermod away (made mistakes / silos were empty after the reload)
Dealers adjusted (Store Places)

Version 1.4
Digital indicators added (silos, feed stores)
Various adjustments
Fixed bearing straw bale
adapted defaultVehicles.xml
adapted mapvorschaubilder
watermod installed
Fixed feed stores
Field made 28 to Meadow
For field 36 & 37 was a big
Forst premises installed (old CHP)
Installed new agricultural machinery dealers
Narrow paths
Freilandsilo installed
Customized Store Places dealer
Angepast Kärcher (Basin)
Built-dung manure-lime-Mod

Version 1.1.1
Clip Distance certain model has been adjusted
Adapted Straw Plane in the cowshed
New textures
- Corn, canola, grass, trees, roads, terrain (environment)
Adapted NavMesh of cows
Wassermod was installed
Thumbnails been re-rendered

Version 1.1.0
Built cowshed ruins (where the original was)
Feed stores installed (Hof)
Fixed Straw Plane from Cowshed
Gas station adapted (bath, wall)
Adapted Basin

Version 1.1
Adapted Kuhweide
Fertilizer warehouse was adapted
Symbols of the cow. Schafweide been adjusted (PDA)
Open Door trigger was installed, all doors can now be with the O key (not zero) open Thus the "MapDoorTrigger" is redundant and can be removed from the Modsordner.
Basin was built
Signs were placed
Various tools (broom, shovel, etc.) were installed
Fahrsilo was adapted (silo sacks, Wheels)
New Abkipp site was built (yard)

Version 1.0
The cow pasture and the sheep pasture have found a new space at the court
A fertilizer hall and a garage are also available

Support Please only www.der-ls-treffpunkt.de
Now I wish a lot of fun with the converted standard Map
Do you have any further ideas or problems, so please let me know. :rock:

Credits some buildings (they can not list them all)
- Niggels
- Let others Report please


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