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Dynamic8 T8320 Final v1.2
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Dynamic8 T8320 Final v1.2

V1.2 final. No errors.
New sounds, blue window specular reflections, HDR body texture map, steering geometry locked in place no more leaning front wheels when turning, fenders spaced, new collision masks for all of the wheels, interior darkened, T4 High rear trailer hitch fitted, longer range front working lights. Tested with all implements ok.

New Holland T8320 with front and back twin dynamic dyeable wheels, custom axles, all drivenodes are on, particles and tyre tracks for all eight wheels are on along with suspension settings. This is based on a standard T8 with just a few little tweaks. Road speed 52kmh, washable and multiplayer YES. Price is 195000 to buy and 195 daily cost's.

Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2015-01-23 19:31
    Thankyou Stevie,anotherone to my collection of your mods
  • Szopen77
    2015-01-23 19:31
    Thanks a lot mate, beautiful work
  • Nick
    2015-01-23 20:05
    Wow Stevie! She's beautiful and works great! Thank you for the nice update!
  • Guest
    2015-01-23 20:38
    Thanks Guy's, the Finals of the Red and White Magnums are nearly ready and I love them! I will share those tomorrow and the Duetz's on Sunday. Have fun, Stevie.
  • Guest
    2015-01-23 23:08
    got 9 running, have for the last hour no crashes no problems, awesome tractor.
  • Guest
    2015-01-24 06:16
    @ Sire, I have all Stevie's mods, plus another 140 and no problems.
  • Oliver
    2015-02-01 16:59
    Fenders animation is not really when turning. Gianta model is really. See picture http://i.imgur.com/GyTxgoV.png
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