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EggCollector v1.0
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EggCollector v1.0

A column of Heinzelmänchen who collects the eggs for you.

I've always wondered how to cope with 1,000 chickens to. On the Björnholm it is so that a maximum of 30 eggs are laid, the need to be collected then before new ones are placed. In the end the result is that I must stand in the corral to comply with for collectors.

The do now then the Heinzelmänchen. The costs erstmal nix (purchase price), but you must take care of them and that costs more then 1000 € per day. But a good price that you never have to worry about collecting the back. But the sale is still in your hands.

PS: the boys collect all Real Life minute eggs. It brings nothing five days to go on Fast Forward!

I have not tested the MOD MP. I have a technical but not prevented. I lack the necessary information nor how it is to make. If someone feels like he can taste it and give me this advice. First, I say that the MOD aussdrücklich works only in SP.


  • Case1370
    2016-03-09 00:08
    tried this out and it seemed to work, but when I checked my log it had a error, so I deleted it fearing it might cause issues. Anyone have success using this mod? I know nothing about PC's or how to mod, but I have seen where warnings or errors dont actually cause any harm, so thought I would ask here to see if anyone has a answer. Thanks
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