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Elho Twin flex 600 Front windrower v2.01
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Elho Twin flex 600 Front windrower v2.01

The Elho Twin Flex 600 is a front mounted Windrower, Followed by a baler this make for a highly efficient farm, with lower Machine running Costs.
Model has Full Texture maps
Price: 6300
Upkeep: 6
Brand: Elho
Working width: 6M
Adapter Frames and More Features in V2
Enjoy and Merry Xmas From all @ FSModding

FSModding model textures ingaming

  • Zzzzz
    2015-12-31 02:00
    nice mod, however when I deleted the V1 of this mod (the front mounted 1) from my game & downloaded this one & put this one in my mods folder It caused my game to crash while playing & all but like 3 of my latest screenshots got deleted in the crash.
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