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Empty 16X Map v1.0 GMK-Water-ChoppedStraw
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Empty 16X Map v1.0 GMK-Water-ChoppedStraw

I was asked again and again if I would put my 16 x map as empty Mod Map available, I decided to make a version of it done.

In the space map are to start already contain the following things.
The slurry, manure, lime mod
the WaterMod,
the ChoppedStraw Mod,
things for animals (troughs, cesspit, dunghill, water troughs and fountains for the WaterMod.
In the Archive included my SingleSiloTrigger Package.

As a small start-up aid, field definitions are included, as well as the StorePlace.
The map has already been raised, that is, the terrain was increased by 55 steps, so that you can sometimes go in depth.
I wish all with the map a lot of fun building and designing of 15814.57 Acres.

For legal ..
Uploading on other download or share pages is not allowed Violators will be reported with a message for copyright infringement by their respective hosting providers and provider. A publication on other websites is permitted only with the original download link!

Map & Mod by RC-Devil
GMK+Watermod by Marhu
ChoppedStrawMod by webalizer

  • Bufalo
    2015-01-30 15:51
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    The animals do not show up on the map after purchasing them
  • Rc-devil
    2015-01-31 15:26
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    This mod is only permitted with the original download link on other sites, either delete the mod on their part, or replace the download link to the originals link. here is the original download link: http://ul.to/jtslgjtmDelete all other download links!
  • Bufalo
    2015-01-31 18:40
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    I unchecked the terrain visibility and the cow, sheep and chicken navigation mesh are down below the terrain. That's why I could hear the cows but couldn't see them. I can lower the terrain down to them but it messes everything up. I can then purchase the animals and there they are. I tried it but when I purchase a tractor or anything from the vehicle shop , it falls down out of the sky so far it bounces everywhere. Also I tried moving the navigation meshes and resizing them but couldn't.
  • Rc-devil
    2015-01-31 20:07
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    Okay, Thomas should be up tomorrow morning at 9 clock not deleted, the second download link and upload to your server, get your hoster a message for copyright infringement.This is not the first page that goes offline and certainly not the last! Considered simply to the rights and rules of others.
  • Bufalo
    2015-01-31 22:52
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    I know I sound crazy but I don't understand what you mean when you said for me to, get your hoster a message for copyright infringement.I downloaded the map from the MODHUB website. I downloaded the same map from another website and had the same problem with the animal meshes being down under the terrain. I hope you can help me get this straightened out because I've really been wanting a 16X blank map.
  • Grumpy
    2015-02-03 04:25
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    rc-devil is griping about thomas, because he, like many other people DID NOT read the terms and conditions that came with farming simulator, and with giants editor......would it be respectful if thomas had credited the proper people? yes, is it actually required though according to the t&c? no....
  • Brownthumb
    2015-02-04 06:57
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    rc, i downloaded your map from the site you gave above and what i got was a useless map that falls apart as you scroll closer to the edge and some sort of malware or virus that keeps popping up sales ads. whats up with that???
  • Mich
    2015-02-24 03:26
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    There is an issue where the foliage textures stop at a certain distance from the edge of the map (I think its where the 4x map would end). I have been trying to find a solution but I can't find one. If someone knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate a comment.
  • Rick
    2015-05-24 22:00
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    MICH, I have had the same problem, and you are right, about where the 4x would end, even went in game and plowed and planted grass to see what would happen, and the same, it ends where a 4x map would end
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