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Engine speed increase when tipping v1.9
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Engine speed increase when tipping v1.9

This script was eigendlich integrated into my Fliegl transporter Pack as a global mod. But popular request I made of it an extra mod. As long as the aaa_IncreaseRPMWhileTipping.zip in modfolder is, the script for the speed increase from the Transportation Fliegl pack is no longer loaded. But it is important that loads the aaa_IncreaseRPMWhileTipping.zip previously, therefore NOT rename this please. This mod makes sure that the speed of vehicles increases, if you emptied a trailer. Even the IT Runner DLC is now supported. So now the speed increases even when taking a container or lowers.

Reviewing the xml entry:
You can now adjust the values ??in 2 ways. Either globally via the modDesc the aaa_IncreaseRPMWhileTipping.zip, or local in Fzg.xml.
Entry looks like this:
<increaseRPMWhileTipping maxRpm="2000" exhaustColor="0 0 0 6" />
Once this entry is included in the Fzg.xml, the entry is no longer valid in the modDesc for the associated vehicle.
First day:
This value determines how high the speed when tilting it.

Second day:
exhaustColor="0 0 0 6"
This value determines the color of the exhaust gases. If the black should not be so strong visible simply the '6' decrease.

Script und Idee: Ifko[nator] Website: http://www.modding-welt.com/forum/

  • Treeslayer
    2015-12-28 03:45
    i made my rpm 2500
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