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Enisei 1200RM v1.0
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Enisei 1200RM v1.0

- crawler
- light
- Mirrors
- Animation part
- dust
- Footprints
- Capacity - 4200 l
- Removes: wheat, barley, canola, corn

Included is a header:
- Enisei-1200RM Cutter
- Enisei-1200RM Cutter maize

Weder, Kiruha

  • Grey
    2015-07-13 02:33
    Love the model (I frequently use the regular beater), and was looking for something with a zero turn radius for tight fields.Only concern is the worker doesn't seem to back up far enough when turning around and misses a couple of rows . Anyone know what to see to make him reverse another couple of feet before he starts cutting?
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