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Ensemble John Deere v1.0
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Ensemble John Deere v1.0

Voici un ensemble John-Deere qui comprend un tracteur 5085M ,une fourche avant de serie H240, et tout les outils qui von avec.
en esperant sincerement que cela vous plaisent.
bon amusement.


  • Scott
    2016-04-30 22:59
    Good job verry good ;)
  • Jua


    2016-05-01 03:59
    GREAT JOB. I don't comment on many but when a good mod comes along I just have to say something. the empiliment pack will not load gives error in log, no title name. i added en title and it loaded fine. no collision on back of tractor, you can walk half way into tractor before you stop. just a few things wrong but over all a GREAT mod one of the best i have seen in a while!!!!!!!
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-01 18:27
    Thanks JUA for that info. I couldn't get it to load either. I just added this to the modDesc.<title> OutilsJohnDeere OutilsJohnDeere </title>Now it loads fine.
  • Aidencox
    2016-05-01 21:07
    great mod
  • Chris
    2016-05-04 21:52
    can you add a 3 point backhoe for this mod?
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