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Erlkonig v1.0
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Erlkonig v1.0

For naughty Post I apologize had not modder months occasion to test it but I wanted to hear as a freshman their opinion the
Time's up now and be seen anyway hardly what it was for a time.
However, I apologize to the modders whose mods and scripts I've used what in my view is an honor For those mods because the garbage is I would not be built as well as see all other guarantees do that.
I had to ask it before you but after about three quarters of a year bauzeit you just do not know anymore what map you what sorry !!!
But I think the result is due to you much more impressive ;-)
the map itself so where do I start
The defaultVehicles.xml includes mods that you can see in my log (see picture)
For multiplayer capability I can not say I've never been tested. You are welcome to your luck try and earnings Comment For those zocken the online.
the default expiration of most maps was fairly quick monotonous so I have certain things away like eg the gas stations where you could buy diesel and replaced with Castor start filling are 5000l per plant which I have a few built at various points.
the fuel for their trips to the factory terrain ago which is also used for the production of seed fertilizer and compound fodder partly already somewhat filled.
additionally is the cowshed nor the mixing station of Marhu (stall terrain is one of the highlights) but I will not reveal too much a ausgibige exploration ride lot is so amazed forth with him.
The fruits which can not itself need to be made to monetary course in the many dealers simply.
for wood chips, there's a mulch bga the resulting manure makes a good planning is important because your cowshed Although filled with everything, however, even with 500 cows
There is a lake in the middle of the map on which an aqua-resort is this is the only point andem you get water distributed around the lake, most manufacturers also large BGA and external storage all others are well distributed mostly in the corners or on the sides there are cows cattle pig sheep chicken barns spread across the map and and and .......
under the screenshots you will also find one of the pda map and see a aufdem you can which I mods in mod folder have.
starts her a new game please store as soon as it is possible ends the game deletes the log and starts it again after the second storage disappears from the log of MapDoorTrigger error and it is up to three warnings has invailes fillType completely free of unwanted entries
purchase trigger the fields have remained surfaces were changed the heist some fields bstehen split in two previous fields not be surprised if Tools stops in the middle just the surrounding or all buy then there no problems also lacking roads or were laid without traffic to fit as I do not want any traffic.
signs are the rearrangement were completely removed as endless amounts of time had swallowed but after a short time know each other from as many striking points can be found, or you open the PDA.
I say this so that no precious Feedback Score falling off because of such unwichter reasons because as said first mod ever and everything was changed I made alone self-taught so I will not get comments of flat pliers can not even install the giants editor let alone so bypass.
in pack are mods that you might already have it please exchanged anyway because my slight changes have filling quantities and size, and not without start because although there are placeable they are since the first start already in place are where they belong.
it should still be problems looks you the screenshot of my mods to be missing any with you as said log is clean and I check after each game even if I sometimes start on day 20th
and only one map in the folder do otherwise leads to errors.
What makes pointless comments come about because the map does not start or 1000 and errors in the log are.
since glad that there are people that their hard-created mods provide disposal without the hand to hold.
Although they provide more than just in the shadow the original because the modder are mostly farmers and no programmer nerds who have made fast times for a Giants game.
And now I wish you much fun while simulating.

by The-Deere

  • Good job
    2016-02-05 23:11
    Good Looking map! Nice Job!
  • Nice
    2016-03-01 14:04
    Looks good, no errors!
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