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Euro agricultural v0.98.8
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Euro agricultural v0.98.8

The map offered here is complete still in beta status and not complete.

Offset mixing station up to the fence of Kuhwiede
Loading ramp away
Floodlights at the Hof (in favor hopefully better performance)
new garden center (Garden Center Shop & Store Place on land trade Billinger again added to the garden center)
Fields planted on the farm from game start
Field 23 adjusts
Built straw power plant

Altered forest road in the north of the yard down to the dairy
Trigger compound feed stock reduced to the Schweinemasthof something
Marks the trigger when water tank on the Schweinemastho
Fixed errors reported texture with trees
Lift LiftMaster in the workshop away at court
(Will be installed as soon as I found the error)
additional paving stones at Edeka now postponed
IMPORTANT INFO: Savegames from versions prior to this must be adjusted manually, because the IDs of the <onCreateLoadedObject> have changed data.

At night, glowing signs on the bearings
Located on the edge of the road right in front of vehicles hall at Forsthof
Chips camp was moved to Forsthof
Mist sale at the old Garden Center
M isthaufen on Schweinemasthof was implemented and replaced with a new model
Parking spaces for vehicles on Schweinemasthof were created on the covered area behind the house
"Dandelion" has been disabled for performance purposes (the small flying particles)
Slaughterhouse: premises fenced with gate and opening times 08: 00-18: 00, added Abladetrigger for delivery of pigs in the corresponding delivery bay

Edeka supermarket with eggs and wool sale
Fixed Logfehler with WoolpaletteCollector
Fixed various Logfehler

The map is based on the DtP map of Mario Diek (thanks for sharing)

The following mods are required:
AnimationMapTrigger of vertexdezign
AAA_UniversalProcessKit of mor2000

The following changes were made ??to the map:
Cow & sheep pen directly on the farm (Wassermod installed)
On the sheepfold Woolpalletecollector was installed
Bearing on the farm with conveyor belts (signs light up at night)
Yard is fully fenced
Mixing station installed at the court of Marhu
Water pump (original TMT) with 25.000l capacity (requires 1.5 days for the filling)
Instead of the old "Kuhhofes" there is the Forsthof
large hall (of boertje96) with workshop incl. LiftMaster (of vanillaice83) and a second small hall.
Schweinemasthof with compound feed stock, intermediate water storage and ball bearings
Outlets for pigs (Metzger & Slaughterhouse)
Edekamarkt (egg & wool Sale
Dealer was umgbaut (DtPMap)
Gas station next to the dealer
DtP-country trade against heat and power plant
Installed Abladehilfe the sawmill
Funnel BGA sunk into the ground, so that these can be filled with a dump truck
Prepared for "bunker silos HUD" mod by James T
WoolPaletteCollector installed at the Sheepfold
Mista purchase the old garden center
(It Wirden vehicles / Tipper needed which can crap load / unload. If necessary, Fruit Multi-Mod by upsidedown)

I am open to suggestions. If someone finds errors, please just let me know so I can correct it for the next version.
I have installed a lot of objects on the map that I was still lying in my download folder.
I can not list all the modders / authors therefore here unfortunately.
I would like the work of others do not spend as mine.
If someone can find something on the map, and here want to be called with, please just let me know via PM to me.


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