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Expanded standard Map v1.1
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Expanded standard Map v1.1

Hi first!
Times have even done something and want to show it once here and ask the same time, if anyone could help!
It runs in my super bekomm only the loading text not quite out, and the pictures ...;)
Have eggs increases are now more than 60 in gehäge.
Slurry and manure and liquid manure installed Grubbe sale
help the cow pasture still 2xballenlager, a barn, and floodlights
in the court I echo gebeu as floodlights verteielt
the circus I have made there made off like the cars there and have a flat surface first.
I use the curses to build gewächsthäuser there!
it's my first map and therefore no plan whether you everything goes!
last it be nice if someone above mentioned things could someone help me!
PS: It has been mainly uploaded because aid need and the things which I have built not modify or otherwise make with the builders have to look for when you are allowed to ask it ^^


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