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Expanses of Kuban Map v1
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Expanses of Kuban Map v1

Less hills – more fields. Here is where to turn real farmer! Dreaming of a large and successful farm? Try your luck at the Kuban fields. There are only eight, but they are huge. Standard culture. In addition, there are many sites for your new buildings. Straw can be sold only in “Pelletycha.” Map optimized for CoursePlay, so hardcore it will not name. The new version of the cards were removed some unused buildings in order to better distribute the central space of the farm. Of living creatures on the map there are cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and calves. All animals need to eat and drink. Pigs and calves can be sold in the butcher shop with Andy. You start the game with the technique of mid-level and one field north-western part. This field is already fertilized! The cost of field depends on the distance from the farm. The farthest cost 40 000 per hectare, the most proximal to the farm – 80,000 per hectare.

Viktor Mishchenko aka Anahiel

  • Maiklfox
    2015-04-12 22:12
    Все вроде бы не плохо ... но бл со светом что то БЕДА...курс не работает не видит комбайны(технику вообще)...на карте много косяков невидимых объектов... машины просто останавливаются посреди поля...
  • Maiklfox
    2015-04-12 22:17
    Срочно доработать и ещё вы б поля не делали а дали б людям самим их разрабатывать по типу карты Алтая...
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