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FORD F450 v8
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FORD F450 v8

This is the Dukefarming F450 for fs 15.Updated by Dukefarming.


  • Truthhurts
    2015-09-06 22:44
    Ah, in case you didn't know, Duke mods were removed because he was sued by Giants. Duke and his team hacked the game and got caught. He's not allowed to ever play a farming sim ever again. That's why his mods were removed, by Giants. This is a bad mod.
  • Dukefarming
    2015-09-16 10:54
    Umm no Its me I quit case I couldnt keep the websit going on my own.Dukefarming
  • Dukefarming
    2015-09-16 10:56
    Umm no Its me I quit cause I couldnt keep the websit going on my own.Dukefarming
  • Dukefarming
    2015-09-16 11:18
    Glad you hate the mod, most modders do. They can't seem to understand how I do what I do. Before you talk about lawsuits get proof cause that would be something since there never was one nor am I ban from farming sim. Show us the proof of a lawsuit TruthHurts right? Kinda sounds like slander to me.Dukefarming
  • Puddels77
    2015-09-21 00:04
    i like it the fucker pulls like a frieght train.little on the torquey side at first but hey i like whipping doughnuts
  • Puddels77
    2015-09-21 00:06
    that dudes just a whiny bitch like alot of the people on these sites dont let get to you.again nice job on the truck thanks for shareing
  • Carter05
    2015-09-29 21:20
    love the truck
  • Realduke?right!
    2016-03-06 22:18
    Real Duke, my ass! If you were the real Duke, then prove it and upload all of your 1,000s of mods. Question the real Duke would know, How many trucks are hidden in this one truck? We know because we extracted them and made several mods from this one.
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