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F650 v0.1
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F650 v0.1

work truck needs to be worked on a little

GIANTS Software

  • Tony smith
    2016-08-15 22:26
    Who built the truck? i need to know so i can ask permission to edit it.
  • Copenhagen
    2016-08-15 22:34
    ask permission really didn't know u was still in the third grade
  • Hahaha
    2016-08-15 22:36
    Ha, well I think this is an Offspring Gaming mod, but who cares. It still sucks, 154mb zipped !?! The detail on this should be sky high, but it's an offsping mod, he doesn't know how to mod, never has NEVER WILL. Only worse is Feenix Feather, these two are only after youtube money now.
  • Peyton aka offspring gaming
    2016-08-15 22:38
    Once it is on the internet for all to download, you don't need permission, have at it
  • Lmao
    2016-08-15 22:41
    o its his mod hahaha
  • Xanders
    2016-08-16 02:25
  • @xanders
    2016-08-16 02:35
    OMG take it down take it down its stolen.. how about shut the fuck up little bitch boy
  • @xanders
    2016-08-16 03:38
    HAHAHA....He called you a little bitch boy....HAHAHA!!!
  • Guest
    2016-08-16 04:24
    Why the fuck is this piece of shit 154mb? Do you people not know how to reduce vehicle size? Its incredibly easy....damn.
  • @guest
    2016-08-16 04:47
    im pretty sure if u tell them how they will do it
  • Idiots
    2016-09-01 23:37
    Fuckin idiots have to upload other peoples mods cause there to stupid to make there own shit thats pathetic. And to that dude that said there after youtube money you are a idiot the dudes been doing this for almost 4 years now and feenix 2 years. Dont see you releasing your own work.To the idiot who called offsprings mods shit there the best and most unique mods lemme see what u got
  • the peyton aka offspring gaming up there that said dont need permission and have at it is an imposter dont listen to him contact offspring gaming directly if you want to know
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