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Famulus v2.0
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Famulus v2.0

The LPG 32. October had ordered two new tractors. There should be a Famulus cab and be without. Today they have been delivered.
The Famulus is a tractor from the former GDR, which was built in the tractor factory Nordhausen 1956-1967.

The log file contains some warnings about the PNG files. Who does not want, she can convert dds. But then no longer looks so fine. ;-)
Have fun wishes you

-Famulus RS14 / 36W
Animated -Lenkgestänge
Animated -Motorhaube
-realer exhaust smoke
-Pendelachse Forward
Animated -Lüfterrad
-Zugmaul Disappears when appending an attachment

Many thanks to:
-Sven777b For controlI3DAnim v1.21
-modelleicher for ZugmaulVisibilityV2, newExhaustEffects and ZylinderV2
-Unknown for flywheel.lua

A special thanks goes to all real Famulusschrauber who made so many photos.

Please note:
It is prohibited to upload this mod new, not even in an altered form!
Please use the original download link!

It is forbidden to upload this mod again, even in altered form at!
Abstract: original download link!

-unbekannt für flywheel.lua

  • Frog
    2015-05-11 16:04
    Hello.It is not allowed to change the download link. Please use only the original download link (http://uploaded.net/file/e9jvrpcu) or remove the model from their website.Please respect the work of modders.regardsfrog
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