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Farm Lindenthal v1.0 Fix
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Farm Lindenthal v1.0 Fix

Present you today the fixed version is available, so only eliminates known errors, otherwise no changes. Can be played with an old score.

Hello & welcome to the farm Lindenthal Map 2015
Although the name is the same as in LS 2013 is a completely new map,
which has nothing in common with the old version.
Since I am a notorious single player, I have the card kept relatively small. What does that mean?
The Map has only 7 fields, is created helper friendly and there were only for me
necessary mods installed. So if you expect a card are installed on all current mods fingers should be away from the download. All others who like it, I wish a lot of fun while working.
So now a little more detail: There are cows, chickens, and sheep, which can be found in the vicinity of the farm. The pig is located in the southwest and the battle mature animals may be sold in the village at the butcher.
The milk is collected at midnight but you can also deliver even the country trade. It is worth your StopMilkSale
what you can find here http://marhu.net/ModsOverView.php?sid=e1...45c6a63ff4d1863 . In terrain of Landhandel You can also straw, both loose and also sell in bales.
On the farm you will find fertilizer, seed and two Kalksilos to your fields to provide them with lime.
There are also seed and fertilizer at the regional trade and garden centers. Moreover, it is possible in the GC deliver its wool.
The supermarket is buying your potatoes and the weekly market is one the eggs go.
There is a Erdfruchthändler where you can sell potatoes and sugar beets, as well as a
Mill assumes that all grain crops.
When biomass heating plant you can also get rid of straw bales next to the wood chips.
There are also a BGA and a little forest is also installed.
I have tried in the images represent what products where belong.
For the map is needed: AnimationMapTrigger, ChoppedStraw, UniversalProcessKit,
and of course the manure, lime, manure mod http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=1058
The credits falling somewhat more extensive, since I've been trying to get together all the modders whose mods I've built, because without them it would be impossible ever to create a map - thank you. The listing is in alphabetical order so no weighting on my part.

Andy1978, blubber73, borutcebulj, BW-Modding, Claas, Evolution, dimre, Dutch, ferbman98, flo1997, Fsmodding, Funky, Gold Fox, Harrybo, heli007, Ingo210578, jerrico, Kolbenfresser, Lars, LS-Pitstop, Luculus, Marhu, maser789, max98, möchtegernbauer, mor2000, msheini30, Nick98.1, Pandahma, patzer89, Polygon-A, PowerPeter008, RaptorX, Razco, Rene248, Roland70, RosenthalerROS, Shakari, SLJ-AGRAR, t0xic0m, taker9999, TheCrafterLP, Zatoxx, Ziberg.

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