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Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0
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Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0

Jimkerk Presents
Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded
MoinMoin comrades
I've got time in my archive gekrammt and an old classic rausgeholt and converted at Ls 15 times
These are the good old LS09 map that I then played ziehmlich long and gradually rebuilt and verbessert.Sie ??is approximately scenic designed as the 09er version 3.8 (Who does not know) but with more forest and some Changes to the field system
Now it comes with all the benefits of Ls 15

-map With standard fruits
-Hof With dairy cattle, sheep, chickens (eggs), pigs, cattle and chicken farming, many warehouses and other things like grain stores, feed stores, wool pallets Collector etc. 4 Silos (default), each with 2700m3 volume with partial coverage
-Chopped Straw
-Gülle Manure and Kalkmod
-upk Milk factory, UPK seed and fertilizer Hall
-Kompostanlage With warehouse (sale at garden centers)
-Bga Incl 2 silos, each with 4000m3 volume +2 bunker incl Slurry containers
-Gülle And manure storage
-more traders Raiffeisen Store (even wool), sawmill, grain storage, biomass heating plant, butcher and Edeka for eggs and other products (Yogurt, cheese etc)
-21 Or .22 arable land and meadows 6


Follow supplements

Known issues:
Currently agrees something nocht with fertilization during harvesting there are stripes or it is not removed, depending on the direction
but I get still in the grip

For other problems or mistakes you can always reach me as per Pn or post it in the comment section
Otherwise, I wish you much fun

The map must not, I repeat not without my permission, be made ??in other forums or hosters available.

The map must not, I repeat not, without my permission, be made ??in other forums or hosters available.

Mapa never moze bez moje Zgody wstawiania byc na held strony lub fora.

Karta se ne smije, ja ne ponavljam, bez moje dozvole, biti u drugim forumima ili hosters raspolaganju.

A térkép nem, nem ismétlem, az engedélyem nélkül, tenni más fórumokon vagy Hoszterek elérhet?.

Verschiedene gebäude und texturen von
Jimkerk: umbauten und umtextuieren an gebäuden
Fatian: strassen und wege,
Tessman85: Groundtexturen
Ni Modding:Hallen und Häuserpack
818Vario: Halle
DeutzDx85: Börgergüllebehälter
chopped Sraw:webalizer_ls
Wasser Mod by Marhu
Gülle Mist Kalk Mod by Marhu
Map Ampeln by Bluebaby
Rinder und Schweinemast by Marhu
Digitale anzeife by Nils23
Werkstatt interior und kran etc. by JauchenPaule
Kompostanlage by Andy1978 (lsfarming-mods.de)
Fermenting Silo Script: Marhu (marhu.net)
Siloteilabdeckung Idee Jimkerk script: Bluebaby
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  • Thomas matthews
    2015-08-30 17:34
    hi mate the map tigger dont work and i think the silage pit are full but there are not full
  • Al


    2015-08-30 18:12
    map doesnt load
  • Sam731
    2015-08-30 18:50
    hi, i can't give straw for the cows.
  • Sam731
    2015-08-30 19:07
    ok i find for straw for cows
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-09-07 17:10
    The map will load to the opening screen, Then as you hit the Key to move forward , you move but you do not Stop. System then Locks up, Then a Hard shutdown is required, (CTRL ALT Del) Map needs Fixing. Bob.
  • Chuck
    2015-09-14 22:16
    I agree with the silage bunkers, they have covers on them and you can't see where you are unloading. If you can remove them in the next version that would be great.
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