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Farmhouse v1.2
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Farmhouse v1.2

Farmhouse (interim version)

The farmhouse is also a enstandenes before my LS-time model, which I reworked vigorously for the LS15.
All faces were textured individually, I have so vorbracht hours, especially at the bar, so you no 2 identical textures found immediately next to each other, if they do, then I missed it.
As my time is scarce in the coming weeks and more important is pending, I want to tell you a stripped previous version without planned details, lighting shader (without lighting the bulb glow effect), basement, A / put off the lights ... available)
If you like my tea bags, which is also the farmhouse like =)
Anyone who thinks that having to upload this mod otherwise alter or to offer him as his own mod that is can not expect any help from me with problems.

PS: This is one of my first finished mods, so understand if he is not perfect ;)


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