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Farming Island v1.0
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Farming Island v1.0

Welcome to my Farming Island
Farming Island is a Multifruit.
The island was half built for FS13 then converted to FS15
Story goes that the island start of as a little deserted island somewhere in your imagination and grew up to reality.
Many thing to explore on the island includes 100 pieces of eight as well as moving trains helicopters speedboats traffic people.
the farm sits in the middle of the map with the livestock of cows sheep chickens pigs cattle lamb chickens2 surrounded by water and thousands of trees.
includes bridges roads building of grain mill grain mill station sawmill port inn freightyard abattoir lumberyard double bga and small bga big farm house
storage for everything. hope you enjoy

marthu pinguar farmer andy rc-devil upsidedown funky chtiseb power74 andy1978

  • Wayne
    2015-04-12 00:45
    hey man will u make me a good map with soybean, and rice on it like that if u get time if not that ok to thank u
  • Ama299
    2015-04-12 04:32
    The doors to the grass, straw, and many others barn will not open to unload. Other wise very neat map. Many ways to lose your tractor. I lost two of them just looking around.
  • Pinguar
    2015-04-12 10:34
    run the map with no other maps in your mods folder and it should work fine
  • Sweet250
    2015-04-12 23:28
    I'm also having trouble with some of the doors, can't get through the door to drop the straw, and I tried both ends, have no other map in the mods folder, and on top of that, was not sure which mods I needed for the map (you didn't list any), I tried both with the animation map trigger installed, and with-out it, and it still doesn't work...
  • Name
    2015-04-12 23:44
    But it's my map!!!?? Madinina_island (Antilles francaises with cocoties treewel job no problem .i'm making a 2015 version that i testing nowwell job
  • Morncabife
    2015-04-12 23:47
    But it's my map!!!?? Madinina_island (Antilles francaises) with cocoties treewel job no problem .i'm making a 2015 version that i testing now with production of bread beer cement biofueland a new ferry with new possibilitiesgood job
  • Buracuda65
    2015-04-13 01:51
    Doors do not open to certain areas, love the map but thats a big problem. I do not have any other maps and no other mods conflict.
  • Sweet250
    2015-04-13 04:32
    Pinguar, Did you forget to tell us about the script mods needed for this map? I ask because, I found when I added Map Door Trigger, I could open the doors. Please inform us about the script mods needed for this map.
  • Pinguar
    2015-04-13 18:08
    sorry mods needed for this map are AnimationMapTriggerZZZ_ChoppedStrawZZZ_multiFruitZZZ_multiFruitModule_StandardZZZ_multiMowingGuelleMistMod
  • Ama299
    2015-04-13 18:29
    I had to walk up to the doors for the trigger to activate to open the doors. Frame rate issues by the cows and around the farm. It never crashed
  • Dennis
    2015-04-22 04:48
    I have searched and searched and cannot find the wishing well to deposit coins could you let me know where it is or maybe a hint thank you dennis
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