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Farming Simulator 15 GOLD Edition
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Farming Simulator 15 GOLD Edition

Focus Home Interactive, GIANTS Software and Saitek team up to create this bumper crop of game software and immersive gear made to enhance the excitement of reaping the rewards of your virtual farm. This bundle, only for Europeans players, includes: Farming Simulator 15 GOLD Edition, and the Farming Simulator Precision Control Pack for the ultimate Farming Simulator Experience. Care for your farm with these realistic tools to gain a deep-rooted sense of immersion and enjoyment, all while driving vehicles and operating attachments with the best degree of control. This bundle Includes a wheel with 900 degrees of rotation, pedals, and a vehicle side panel with over 25 programmable Buttons to operate your Farming Equipment and a loader stick with twist action that doubles control Axes (ideal for logging). Low-Profile and ergonomic, those gears are design to sit close to the top of your gaming area with durable clamps. Game not included in North American bundle. Several offers are available: you can enjoy the complete Precision Control Pack, or simply the wheel and pedals; or, even the vehicle side panel alone.


  • Jeff
    2015-10-22 03:51
    OMG! Shut up and take my money!!!
  • Sdear85
    2015-11-01 07:05
    how much is the wheel and controls I need ill trade my kids for it lol
  • Realsteel831
    2016-05-31 16:51
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