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Farming Simulator Collector v3.0
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Farming Simulator Collector v3.0

Hi  this is the Farming Simulator Collector --- LS09 - LS11-- LS13 Three games in the same i3D Whit Multifruits
The map has the below features and installed mods
Multifruits = Oat Spelt Rye Sunflower Millet poppy
Chopped Straw
Pig Beef Chicken2 Butcher has been integrated in the Village Hagenstedt
IMPORTANT You Need To Put The EggLayingStation_placeable from Marhu in your mods folder
I play the map and I have no problem fund, but if you have bugs etc, please post a comment. Have fun

Joa Giants CEKR11 and the others to the objects

  • Sasa97
    2015-09-19 15:53
    map does not work
  • Ritch
    2015-09-19 23:30
    what mod do i need for sugar juice sauce and ect? other than that i love this map. it would be nice if you include westbridge hills and hide coins and horse shoes and bottles.
  • Alex
    2015-09-20 10:14
    1) Error: Can't load resource 'D:/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//LS_Collector/map/models/villageHousesLS15/blender///..\textures\villageHousesPatio_diffuse.dds'.2)SilosFarming - Mouse does not workError: Running LUA method 'update'.D:/Code/Giants/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/gui/elements/ButtonElement.lua(342) : stack overflow
  • Alex
    2015-09-20 10:26
    Here is a map - Donar for version 4.0http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/black-rock-valley-hssmf-final-by-stevie-hssmf-final/( WaterMod + Wool Palette Collector + MilkMax + potato Steamer + potato Washer + beet Pulp + Compost Master ++Storage) and ConcreteCementFactory (AAA_64erFix.zip to help)
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